Welcome to the Intellectual Property Page of inventor Al McZeal.  Here you can Download the U.S. Patent and the International Patent of World Wide Walkie Talkie and Al McZeal. WORLD-WIDE-WALKIE-TALKIE is the first smart phone in the world, which implements GPS technology and VoIP. (iphone)

You can also download mobile software for your cell phone and PC to communicate worldwide.

International Walkie Talkie®, World Wide Walkie Talkie®




         Name: Alfred McZeal, Jr. a/k/a Al McZeal

           Born: April 13, 1958

Martial Status: Single

 Filed Of Study: Computer Science / Telecommunications / Business

                        B.S. Degree, University of Louisiana

Websites: internationalwalkietalkie.com   worldwidewalkietalkie.com   worldwalkietalkie.com  cancelamortgage.com


Al McZeal: Al McZeal is an American Inventor, International Computer Consultant, experienced in Computer Science Appliations Telecommunications, and Intellectual Property.  Mr. McZeal is Degreed Computer Specialist (B.S. Degree) focusing on Telecommunications, Software Design & Engineering, AND DataBase Technology.  Mr. McZeal earned his bachelors of science degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL) (1984) which is presently the University of Louisiana (UL) at Lafayette, Louisiana.  Mr. McZeal was trainned on a Honeywell 68/80 Supermain Frame system, and is knowledgable and experience in all levels of Computer and Operating System, including the Honeywell 68/80 mainframe system housed at the Pentagon, U.S. Department of Defense.  

Mr. McZeal is the true inventor of Mobile/VoIP, or World Wide Walkie Talkie protocol, which allow Cellular/Satellite phones to communicate world wide via the Internet, avoiding all charges by the telephone company.  Mr. McZeal was responsible for deploying the International Walkie Talkie (tm) VoIP Network which is now terminated in over 100 Countries in the world.

As a Professional Worker, Mr. McZeal has been employed by and has contracted with many large computer corporations such as COMPAQ/(HP) AT&T, MOTOROLA, IBM, to name a few.  His speciality is Wireless Communications, Online DataBases, Computer Secuity, and he has designed and deployed many wireless networks within the United States and on several continents, including East Africa, Geneva Switzerland, France, Indonesia, and Russian Federation.

Mr. McZeal deploys global telecommunications voice and networks and a Global Telephone company offering services all over the world. The websites are located at: www.worldwalkietalkie.com, internationalwalkietalkie.com, globalwalkietalkie.com, and worldwidewalkietalkie.com, offering wireless services, and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products and services.

Phone numbers are offered from over 160 countries in the world and can be deployed to ring anywhere in the world.  This is useful in establishing a presense for individuals and companies anywhere in the world.

 Litigation Experience & Software: Mr. McZeal is presently the only person in the Unitied States which develops specialized legal software for litigation processes.  These software modules range from simple motions in state court, to advance Mortgage Fraud, and Rackeetering litigation modules typically used in litigation in federal and state courts. Mr. McZeal is a seasoned Pro Se and successful litigator, and consults with individuals and companies on the use of the litigation software to assist individuals and companies stressed with real properties or other business litigation.


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World-Wide-Walkie-Talkie, a high speed multifunction interstellar wireless computer/instant messenger communicator, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), coupled with a resilient, robust, VoIP data network and internet server method, deploying multiple wireless networks and protocols such as Voice Over IP, GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth, PCS, I-Mode, comprising a high speed Intel Pentium 4 MobileTM or compatible Processor, to formulate a internet gateway system (99) and network bridge (150) for establishing instant low cost, real time global communications to the Public Switched Telephone Network via the internet (54). A PUSH-TO-TALK-WORLDWIDE button (21) instantly initiates global bisynchronous communications, or videoconferencing sessions. Fax, VideoMail, and unified messaging services are immediately available. GPS and mass memory provides global navigational tracking and data storage. Internet users, telephones, and cellular/satellite phone users can intercommunicate with the invention via VoIP/IM services. The invention provides uniformed global wireless communications, eliminates traditional long distance costs, and operates anywhere on earth.

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